Tracker Resource Development was formed in 2004 to focus on unlocking the value of oil and gas resource plays. Tracker launched its third portfolio, Tracker Resource Development III, LLC, with a commitment of $400 Million in Private Equity from EnCap Investments (EnCap), 1901 Partners Management and management. EnCap has been the leading provider of private equity to the independent sector of the U.S. oil & gas industry since 1998. ZBIV, which focuses on long-term investments in the energy sector, is a subsidiary of Ziff Brothers Investments, L.L.C.


  • Apply technology, geophysical, and reservoir characterization to increase value
  • Higher recovery per well
  • Lower drilling / completion costs
  • Converted “Probables” to “PUD’s”
  • Leverage infrastructure
  • Disciplined execution

Operating Companies

  • Tracker Resource Development III, LLC
  • Tracker Lario Utica, LLC


Previous Operating Companies

  • TRZ Energy LLC
  • Tracker Resource Exploration ND (TREND)
  • Tracker Resource Development, LLC
  • Entre Energy Partners
  • Red Rock Exploration